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Maca Root Geletanized Organic

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One of Three of our Hot Chocolate mixes. They are very popular because of all natural ingredients & Organic Italian Cocoa used. Many of our wholesale customers use in smooties.


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Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable used both as food and medicine. It is sometimes called "Peruvian ginseng," not because the plants have any botanical relationship, but because their traditional uses are somewhat similar. Traditionally, maca has been said to increase energy and stamina, and enhance both fertility and sex drive in men and women.
Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable native to the high, harsh climate of the Andes Mountains in in Peru. For over 2000 years Maca Roots have been an important traditional food and medicinal herb to those in its growing region. Maca Root Powder is high in protein, dietary fiber, many important minerals, and amino acids (containing 19 different amino acids).

We offer gelatinized Maca Root Powder, which has been heat treated to remove the starch for easier digestion and is not considered raw.

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tea for men, 31st Mar 2016

Reviewer: George Karagiannakis

this blend has given me a complete balance

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