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Golden Nepal FTGFOP1

Item No: 4350-50

A second flush leaf from one of the highest tea cultivation areas on earth. This tea will especially delight you with its soft, mild flowery taste and typical Nepal flavour.


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Nepal grows mainly 2 types of Tea, Camelia asamica for CTC and Camellia sinesis (the Chinese variety) for Orthodox Tea. Nepali orthodox Tea is somewhat similar to Darjeeling Tea in its appearance, aroma and fruity taste. The reason for the similarity is that the eastern zones of Nepal, which are the main Tea producing regions of Nepal, have more or less the same geographical and topographical conditions as the Darjeeling and are juxtapose to each other.
The abundance of fine hairy growth (pubescence) on the underside of the leaf, on the bud and sometimes even on the stalk gives Nepali orthodox Tea its fine 'tippy' quality and precious flavours.

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